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Moody௿½s lowers senior unsecured debt rating of Southern California Edison

Moody௿½s Investors Service has lowered the security ratings of Southern California Edison Company (Senior Unsecured Debt to Caa2 from Baa3/Short Term Rating lowered to Not Prime from Prime-3) and the security ratings of Edison International (Senior Unsecured Debt to Caa3 from Baa3/Short Term Rating lowered to Not Prime from Prime-3).

California ISO appeals for supplemental bids

Californians were asked to institute conservation measures Wednesday, after the California grid operator declared a Stage 1 electric emergency and asked for supplemental bids on 3,000 MW of power.

Dynegy losing money on power sales to California ISO

In a complaint filed with FERC, Dynegy Inc. claims it has lost $2 million and could lose 'tens of millions of dollars' in its dealing with the California Independent System Operator.

FERC asks court to reject Southern California Edison petition

Southern California Edison Co.'s petition asking a Washington, DC, court to order the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to institute cost-based electricity rates should be rejected, the agency said.

FERC to respond to Southern California Edison lawsuit

Under a court order, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will respond Tuesday to Southern California Edison Co.'s request the agency impose cost-based electricity prices in California.

California ISO invokes federal emergency order

With imports from the Pacific Northwest down to a 'trickle,' the California Independent System Operator Thursday declared concurrent Stage 1 and 2 power emergencies for northern California.

Federal order produces 300 MW for California ISO

Up to 300 MW were made available to the California ISO Wednesday after the grid operator invoked a federal order Tuesday requiring generators throughout the West to sell surplus power to California.

‘We’re not California,’ New York ISO says

Cutting the price cap on bids to $150/MWh from $1,000/MWh could deter the 'very power generation' needed to moderate prices and insure reliability, says the New York Independent System Operator.

Generators deny California charges; ISO in Stage 2 alert

With the California ISO operating under its 31st Stage 2 emergency Thursday, regulators said they would reconsider calls by state utilities to lift a rate freeze that is edging them toward insolvency.

California ISO official warns of blackouts

The California Independent System Operator warned Wednesday that California more than a fifty-fifty chance of experiencing rolling blackouts early in the evening.