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California ISO calls Stage 2 emergency

The California Independent System Operator called on voluntary interruptible load customers to reduce electrical usage by 1,000 MW Wednesday, citing higher than expected demand and fires burning near transmission lines in southern California that have limited ability to move power.

California ISO calls for shedding 1,900 Mw

California's electrical power system continues to teeter on the edge. With peak usage beating earlier forecasts, the California Independent System Operator declared its 13th Stage 2 power emergency Wednesday and called on state utilities to shed all voluntary load available, about 1,900 Mw.

Automation Pilot Project Installed at California ISO

A newly installed automation system is set to improve the way the California Independent System Operator Corp. (California ISO) relays information between its control centers and power generation plants to ensure power delivery to consumers. The Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) system from Hathaway Corp. will interface the California ISO's two control centers to generators at five California plants where the system has been installed as part of a pilot project. The system provides a secure n

The California ISO appointed Ms. Zora Lazic as its new vice president-client services. Lazic...

The California ISO appointed Ms. Zora Lazic as its new vice president-client services. Lazic was previously associate general counsel for B.C. Hydro`s power marketing subsidiary, Powerex.

The California ISO Keeps Step…with the States Bold Leap!

A year has passed since the advent of another great California experiment. Last April, the state opened its $20 billion electricity market to competition, and rest will become history, eventually. While some major issues have been resolved--voters rejected Proposition 9, for example--often the transition still seems more in the early stages than in a fine-tuning phase.