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More than 20 utilities now representing at POWERGEN International

This year's conference and exhibition already has close to 30 speakers from more than 20 utilities talking on all facets of the power generation sector. 

ComEd tasks goats with vegetation management

The company has employed more than 200 goats to clear vegetation around its high-voltage power lines in downstate Pekin, Ill.

EPA report puts value on public health benefits of energy efficiency

'When you look at the full picture, it's painfully clear we should be investing a lot more in efficiency at the state, local, and federal levels'

TEPCO to scrap 4 more reactors in Fukushima

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings said a final decision on dismantling the four reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ni plant will be formally approved at a board meeting, expected later this month

ComEd Icebox Derby teaches young women value of STEM skills

The Exelon-owned utility has selected 30 participants ages 13 to 18. Working with mentors, they develop craftsmanship and STEM-related skills to build the cars while also earning $1,500 scholarships for each young woman.

Alexa, help me save energy: Utilities have opportunity with smart gadgets

Utility energy efficiency programs could find success by appealing to customers' interest in smart technology, a new study shows.

Illinois smart meter data illustrates demographic divides in electricity use

Illinois' low-income electric customers are using less of the state's costliest and dirtiest power than their higher-income counterparts, a new study shows.

DHS approves AMSC resilient power grid project with ComEd

The system uses AMSC's high temperature superconductor technology and, under the terms of the agreement between AMSC and ComEd, will link existing electric power infrastructure within the city of Chicago

Integrating DER into the utility of the future

Fueled by the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) in 2016 by the Illinois General Assembly, there is unprecedented interest in distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar PV, leading ComEd to see a dramatic increase in interconnection applications. In the last three years, DER interconnection applications to ComEd have risen by 1,500% and the pace continues to accelerate in 2019. To support the process of bringing more DER onto its system, ComEd has developed a distribution linear state estimation (DLSE) and a proprietary methodology to analyze hosting capacity to improve the interconnection process.

EEI names Exelon Corp. CEO its new chairman

The Institute's chairmanship rotates on an annual basis, and Crane succeeds Lynn J. Good, chairman, president, and CEO of Charlotte-based Duke Energy