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Con Edison will reduce peak demand with NYC’s largest battery storage system

Enel X and Related Companies, a global real estate firm, today announced the launch of the largest battery storage system in New York City. The 4.8 MW/16.4 MWh in-front-of-the-meter battery system is located at Related's Gateway Center...

Carey A. Smith joins Edison International, Southern California Edison boards

Edison International and Southern California Edison said Carey A. Smith has been elected to the board of directors of each company, effective Oct. 24.

Con Edison challenges repeal of the Clean Power Plan

Con Edison has taken this action because it believes that the EPA's rollback of the Clean Power Plan is the wrong approach to combating climate change, and will undermine the company's own efforts to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

How can we put restoration history to work for a 30-second decision?

By inputting the proper parameters, artificial intelligence could help a utility respond to major events and daily challenges based on, for example, the history of average restoration time per broken pole. How can utilities take advantage of that information and put it into what the All Hazards Consortium calls "30-second decision making"?

ARPA-E funds high-risk, high-reward energy technology for grid control and more

Six words grab John Perkins' attention whenever he sees a presentation from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E): "If it works, will it matter?"

SCE awards San Onofre spent fuel strategic plan contract to North Wind

There is currently no federally licensed facility to receive spent nuclear fuel from a commercial nuclear energy site

Southern California Edison starts community solar program for customers

This week, Southern California Edison announced that it has signed on the first developer, SharedSolarCA, to its Community Renewables Program that will allow residential and business customers to take advantage of solar energy without having to install it directly on their roofs or facilities.

A framework of trust and technology puts crew convoys in high gear

When moving resources after a major event across states to an affected service territory, job one is ensuring crews and equipment travel safely and efficiently. Responding utilities need to know where they can rest, eat and refuel along the way.

Five Con Edison workers win awards for research

Five Con Edison researchers have won recognition for findings that improve manhole safety and the maintenance of substation equipment

Con Edison strengthens storm hardening efforts with Siemens mobile substations

For further information on Siemens medium voltage technology, please visit Siemens at booth #8029 at DistribuTECH 2019