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ELP Volume 77 Issue 11

Aquila Energy breaks ground on Mo. plant:

Aquila Energy, subsidiary of UtiliCorp United broke ground on a 580 MW, gas-fired power plant, Aries Power Plant, in Pleasant Hill, Mo. Simple-cycle operation is expected to start in June 2001, and combined-cycle operation is scheduled to begin in 2002.

CMS Energy buys Viron

CMS Marketing, Services & Trading, the energy marketing unit of Dearborn, Mich.-based CMS Energy Corp., acquired Viron Corp. of Kansas City, Mo. The $80 million company provides energy services through offices in 22 U.S. cities. CMS acquired 100 percent of Viron, including 148 employees, from York International.

House bill brings reliability mandate

"We may not be able much longer to keep the interstate electric grids operating reliably" without mandatory reliability rules, said David R. Nevius, a vice president with the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC).

TVA awards contracts to ABB:

The Tennessee Valley Authority awarded two contracts to ABB Combustion Engineering Nuclear Power Inc. totaling over $85 million. One contract is for primary side steam generator services at the utility`s Sequoyah and Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Plants, located in Soddy-Daisy and Spring City, Tenn. The second contract is for the supply of four replacement steam generators for the utility`s Sequoyah Unit 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

Millennium monsters: Hacker threats intensify as Y2K nears

Not long ago, if a terrorist wanted to cause a blackout in a major city, it would have taken a bit of doing, even in the most plausible movie scenario. The plot is familiar: men in ski masks send an explosives-packed truck barreling into a power plant or substation.

I cant get no …

In your excellent article on outages in the September issue ("Outages prompt lawsuits, dismissals at major utilities," page 1), you refer to a U of Michigan Business School report on customer satisfaction. How can I get this study. Thanks.

Choice debate

After reading the September issue, I was struck by the impression that "Customer choice" would resolve distribution reliability issues ("Outages prompt lawsuits ...", page 1, and "When choice honeymoon ends, service quality sparks long-term customer relationship," page 31). Customer choice does not change the physical facilities. In other words, the wires and substations delivering energy to end-use customers will not change as a result of customer choice.


A key issue for holding companies seeking growth through diversification is getting stock analysts to pay an appropriate amount of attention to their unregulated investments.

KW lands in San Fran

KW International, a London-based risk management software company, recently opened its first U.S. office, in San Francisco. The company`s primary product, kW2000, uses transaction and contract analysis methodologies to provide users with energy forwards trading, portfolio management and risk management capabilities. Major clients include Cinergy and Southern Company`s European trading arm, plus international energy companies including Electricite de France, Electrabel of Belgium, Norsk Hydro, Po

Growing through diversification: Montana Power finds gold mine in fiber-optic network

When a little old lady from Butte received a call from her stock broker last April, she nearly fainted with shock. "Mrs. Smith," the broker said, "Congratulations. You`re a millionaire."