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ELP Volume 77 Issue 11

Tampa Electric installs M3i workforce management

M3i Systems Inc. of Montreal, Quebec, signed a contract to provide Tampa Electric Co. with its PramaLine outage and PragmaCAD (computer-aided dispatch) workforce management systems. The Windows NT-based software modules provide an outage management solution that will allow Tampa Electric to track mobile service vehicles, dispatch them automatically and optimize workload levels and assignments by priority. Contact: www.M3iSystems.com

Telecoms Y2K ready … Almost

The Network Reliability and Interoperability Council (NRIC) describes the efforts of the U.S. telecommunications industry as "generally successful" in a recent report. About 99 percent of the public switched-telephone network (PTSN) switches of large local exchange carriers were Y2K compliant as of June 1999. Major inter-exchange carriers` switches were "virtually 100 percent Y2K ready," according to the NRIC.

Future Horizons becomes iMedeon

Adopting a new corporate identity intended to reflect the immediacy of its web-based product line, Future Horizons Inc.-supplier of mobile workforce systems-changed its name to iMedeon Inc. (www.imedeon.com). The company also opened a new, 14,000 square-foot headquarters space in Atlanta. The company`s workforce automation systems are designed to integrate remote field workers with the rest of the enterprise via wireless, satellite, dial-up or LAN connections.

Performance management helps merging utilities hit value targets

As the electric utility industry moves into a more competitive market, the pressures applied by shareholders, regulators, and customers are escalating. Some early predictions by firms such as McKinsey & Co. argue that, in the United States, $45 billion in pretax earnings would come into existence if transmission and distribution (T&D) were brought up to best practice levels. A recent study by JD Power & Associates suggests similar opportunity to improve customer satisfaction levels.

UTC studies power line telecom

The United Telecom Council (UTC), formerly the Utilities Telecommunications Council, released a report presenting the results of a study on the viability of power line telecommunications (PLT) in the United States and Canada. It concludes that great opportunities exist for utilities if and when the technology for using existing T&D wires to deliver voice, data and video services is perfected. Key hurdles involve differences between power distribution systems and technological difficulties such a

KN puts en•able on block, Simple Choice on ice

The company that called itself the "deregulation parts department" was searching for a home in early October, as its parent companies pursued a different business plan.