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ELP Volume 77 Issue 5

ONSITE Energy signs Calif. contracts:

ONSITE SYCOM Energy Corp. signed contracts worth more than $1 million with California State University at Fresno and the Fresno Bee. ONSITE anticipates producing $341,000 in annual energy savings for the facilities.


The HVAC industry consolidators are marching forward-and it looks like they are marching straight into increased revenues and healthy profit margins by serving the residential and light commercial marketplace. According to Ann Manix, partner, Ducker Research, "Three years ago there wasn`t a service consolidator market. By the year 2000 it will be a $7 billion a year business. Service consolidators are HVAC providers that average $400 million a year in revenues, have 30 to 40 locations around the

FirstEnergy files transco application:

FirstEnergy asked FERC for permission to transfer all of its transmission facilities to a privately owned transmission company, American Transmission Systems (ATSI). FirstEnergy companies that would transfer transmission assets include: Ohio Edison, Cleveland Electric Illuminating, Toledo Edison and Pennsylvania Power. FirstEnergy is attempting to comply with FERC`s November order that asked the company to develop a plan outlining its participation in the Midwest ISO or another appropriate regio


Smoke billows from TECO Energy`s Gannon Station Unit 6 in Hillsborough, Port Sutton, Fla., after an explosion on April 8 claimed two lives and injured dozens of people. The main photo was taken shortly after the explosion from the deck of a freighter coming down the channel adjacent to the power plant. The inset shows the plant after much of the smoke cleared. Investigation indicated an access cover to the hydrogen gas system might have been prematurely opened during a maintenance outage. Hydrog

Entergy files transco proposal:

Entergy filed a transco plan with FERC proposing the transfer of transmission assets to the transco. In exchange, member companies would receive passive ownership, but no voting rights. With control of transmission assets, the transco would fully operate and maintain transmission systems and would assess the need for new transmission considering other resource options as part of an annual regional planning process.

Enron signs power deal with church:

Enron Energy Services agreed to provide energy and energy management services for seven years to the Archdiocese of Chicago for $246 million. Enron has provided the archdiocese and its 2,000 facilities with natural gas for the past 11 years.

Utilities light up investment horizon

As the slow pace of a protected market gives way to the breakneck speed of competition, utilities must cut costs and quickly adapt to a wide range of issues. In meeting these new market requirements, today`s utilities represent leaner and more aggressive investments.

EPRI program gathers data

With regard to your article on EPA`s mercury directive for coal-fired power plants (February issue), your readers might be interested to know that EPRI has set up a program to help power plants gather accurate data.

Utilities, ESCOs venture toward the future with value add

John pours another cup of coffee and glances at his watch-7:30 a.m., plenty of time to pay the bills before shuttling the kids off to school. Firing up the computer, John goes to his utility`s home page and pulls up his account. Although his utility doesn`t provide all services appearing on John`s bill screen, it does handle presentment and payment.

Internet utility launched

Idealab!, the innovator behind e-companies like Free-PC, GoTo.com and eToys, recently formed utility.com, an Internet utility, where customers can buy electricity for their homes and businesses.