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ELP Volume 77 Issue 5

ONSITE Energy signs Calif. contracts:

ONSITE SYCOM Energy Corp. signed contracts worth more than $1 million with California State University at Fresno and the Fresno Bee. ONSITE anticipates producing $341,000 in annual energy savings for the facilities.

Transcos adopt expanded roles

Independent transmission system operators (ITSOs) are adopting diverse strategies for addressing the physical and political needs of their regions. They are entrusted with the complicated tasks of ensuring non-discriminatory and reliable transmission access, administering regional transmission tariffs, and in some cases, operating power exchanges.

Shell and Bechtel to pursue North American generation:

Shell and Bechtel Enterprises formed a new energy venture, InterGen North America, to develop, finance, own and operate large-scale independent power projects and cogeneration facilities in the U.S. and Canada. InterGen North America will seek to replicate the success of InterGen, an international power generation venture owned by Shell and Bechtel, founded in 1995. InterGen currently is operating or building a total of 3,675 MW in the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Philippines, Columbia and China.

UPDATE-Dukes Fla. merchant gets go-ahead:

Florida`s Public Service Commission approved plans by Duke Energy Power Services and the Utilities Commission of New Smyrna Beach to build the state`s first merchant power plant (514 MW). The plant now needs approval from Florida`s Department of Environmental Protection before a final decision, expected later this year, is made by the governor and Florida`s cabinet.

Panda Energy and PSEG Americas plan Texas generation:

Panda Energy International and PSEG Americas formed a joint venture to develop and operate Texas generating plants. The initial project is a 1,000 MW combined cycle gas plant in Guadeloupe County in south central Texas. Plans for two other Texas facilities (total of 2,000 MW) will be announced soon. Total investment in the three plants will be about $1.3 billion financed with both debt and equity.

U.S. deregulation piques interest of offshore suitors

The promise of electric power deregulation has been swelling for some time. Now the wave is finally hitting the shore.

Regional strategy catapults Calpine

Gathered with Calpine`s four other founders to toast the fledgling company`s first megawatt in 1984, Peter Cartwright, CEO and chairman, raised his champagne glass and set a course.