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ELP Volume 77 Issue 9

Special IOU finance report

Use the correct tool for the job-that`s one of the first rules learned by any apprentice lineman or field technician. A side-cutter might resemble a wire stripper, but using it thusly often yields disappointing results.

Niagara Mohawk sells hydro plants:

Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., subsidiary of Niagara Mohawk Holdings Inc., closed the sale of its 71 hydroelectric generating plants (661 MW total) to Orion Power Holdings Inc. for $425 million. Orion is jointly owned by affiliates of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Constellation Energy Group.

Great River Energy to build Minn. peaker:

Great River Energy, a G&T cooperative in Elk River, Minn., plans to construct a 445 MW natural gas-fired facility near Pleasant Valley, Minn. Construction will begin in the second quarter of 2000. The plant will provide peaking power to Great River Energy`s 29 member distribution cooperatives beginning in spring 2001.

FERC accelerates merger:

FERC filed an order imposing a procedural schedule on the administrative law judge and other parties so it can act on the pending merger of American Electric Power and Central and South West Corp. in February or March 2000.

Federal restructuring plans wilt under summer heat waves

Federal deregulation of electricity has created a perpetual stalemate in Congress. Despite media reports of signs of momentum on Capitol Hill, Congress continues to falter when faced with restructuring legislation. The lack of federal presence in restructuring, combined with the active restructuring role undertaken by states, has left Congress grasping for suitable compromise legislation.

Composite Power aims to turn Nevadas desert green

Bringing together private and public interests, Composite Power Corp. (CPC), a Nevada-based manufacturer of composite infrastructure materials, plans to develop what could become the world`s largest renewable energy project.

Outages prompt lawsuits, dismissals at major utilities

A day care center received a phone call from the building superintendent, advi- sing the center that within minutes the building`s electricity would be cut off. No estimate was given for the length of the blackout. Facing the prospect of several dozen frightened children stuck inside unlit, unventilated rooms, the administrator and staff herded the kids out onto a strip of lawn separating the building from Chicago traffic. There they waited until their parents could pick them up.

Voith and Siemens merge hydro business:

J.M. Voith AG and Siemens AG plan to merge their hydro power activities into a joint venture, Voith Siemens Hydro. Voith will hold 65 percent and Siemens 35 percent of the new company.

Cummins and Wartsila form joint venture:

Cummins Engine Co. subsidiary Cummins Power Generation Americas and Wartsila NSD North America Inc. formed Combined Energy Systems to provide natural gas and light fuel oil fired distributed energy equipment and services to the North American energy market. CES will be headquartered in Annapolis, Md.

Aquila Energy supplies NG to ComEd:

Aquila Energy, a subsidiary of UtiliCorp United, agreed to supply Chicago`s ComEd with up to 625,000 decatherms of natural gas a day (providing enough electricity to heat or cool 17,000 homes) to fuel its peaking facilities in the greater Chicago area.