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ELP Volume 77 Issue 9

Aquila Energy supplies NG to ComEd:

Aquila Energy, a subsidiary of UtiliCorp United, agreed to supply Chicago`s ComEd with up to 625,000 decatherms of natural gas a day (providing enough electricity to heat or cool 17,000 homes) to fuel its peaking facilities in the greater Chicago area.

Special IOU finance report

Use the correct tool for the job-that`s one of the first rules learned by any apprentice lineman or field technician. A side-cutter might resemble a wire stripper, but using it thusly often yields disappointing results.

Panda to build Penn. peaker:

Panda Energy plans to construct a 1,000 MW merchant power plant that will be sold into the PJM Interconnection. The $300 million plant is planned for an industrial site in Upper Hanover Township.

Edison International acquires U.K. plants:

Edison International`s power generation subsidiary, Edison Mission Energy, acquired two 2,000 MW coal-fired electric generating plants for US$2 billion from PowerGen. Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire, and Fiddler`s Ferry, Warrington.

DukeSolutions provides energy services in Canada:

DukeSolutions will undertake building and energy initiatives at the Toronto Dominion Center, Canada`s largest office complex (4.5 million square feet), as part of a $19 million contract. DukeSolutions now serves four of the five largest commercial property owners in Canada.

CES/Way changes name:

CES/Way International, the energy efficiency contracting subsidiary of Sempra Energy, is changing its name to Sempra Energy Services.

Automated dispatch

Montana-Dakota Utilities selected Utility Partners` MobileUP field dispatching system to automate MDU`s service order scheduling. The system will also automate dispatching and communications among its dispatch office, remote field offices and fleet of field service vehicles. Additionally, MDU will implement the customer appointment setting system to facilitate the order-taking process at MDU`s customer call center.

Automated meters

Wisconsin Public Service selected Distribution Control Systems Inc.`s TWACS (Two-Way Automatic Communication System) to automate electric and gas meters at residential and commercial service locations, entering into a multi-million dollar contract for equipment and services continuing into 2000.

Mobile computing

Future Horizons Inc., a supplier of work execution systems for utilities and telecom companies, announced its support of Oracle8i Lite. Oracle8i Lite, is the mobile component of the Oracle Internet platform designed to eliminate the complexity of mobile computing. This user-friendly database solution is automatically downloaded from the server to the user`s computer whenever needed.

Integrated GIS

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative selected Intergraph Utilities and Intellisource to integrate GIS across the greater Washington D.C. area. Intergraph Utilities will provide its AM/FM/GIS software, FRAMME, as well as an electric application template to enable rapid implementation. Intellisource will provide the overall project management and outsourcing services. The project objective is to implement a Geospatial