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Dynegy enters Fla. merchant market: Dynegy Inc. is developing a 500 MW, gas-fired peaking...

Dynegy enters Fla. merchant market: Dynegy Inc. is developing a 500 MW, gas-fired peaking plant in Osceola County, near Orlando, Fla. Power from the Palmetto project is expected to be sold in Florida`s wholesale electric market when startup begins in the summer of 2002. Three gas turbines, operating in simple-cycle mode, are expected to burn gas delivered by the Florida Gas Transmission pipeline, and supply power through a 230 kV interconnection with Florida Power and FP&L transmission networks.

Derivion gets Intuit

Atlanta-based EBPP software company Derivion (www.derivion.com) teamed with Intuit to provide EBPP services to Intuit`s Quicken and Quicken.com. Derivion provides turnkey EBPP and customer care services using its inetBiller system, which the company says brings rapid EBPP deployment-30 to 60 days-for small to mid-tier billers.

Dont get hacked off

Just read your article on Millennium monsters. Great job. I hadn`t thought about hackers before. I`ll be in the office on New Year`s Eve to answer press calls because of Y2K. It may turn out to be an exciting evening.

Outnumbered by data

In your October issue of Electric Light & Power you authored an article on the Best 100 utility companies using Navigant`s FERC FORM 1 database. We are a holding company with 3 operating companies and noticed that you used operating companies in your analysis. I realize that this is how FERC requires the data to be reported, but other industry studies compile the operating companies into their appropriate holding company for analysis. Could you please inform us why EL&P decided to report the dat

Interim management addresses transition issues

In our society "mature" connotes aging or growing old. Some consultants tend to view the energy industry as mature and lacking dynamic market potential and, therefore, unable to sustain the same growth as younger industries. Interestingly enough, mature was exactly the term that many economists applied to the U.S. marketplace in the mid-1980s and boy, were they wrong.

BPA selects Tenfold

TenFold Corp. (www.10fold.com) of Salt Lake City was selected by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to build and implement TenFold`s SettlementNow! EBPP system for BPA`s wholesale electric power and transmission service customers. "Our extensive analysis demonstrated a rapid return on investment for this project with reduced operating costs," said Lou Tauber, BPA transmission project manager.

Keeping secrets: utilities deem spending plans hush-hush, boost e-commerce budgets

Electric utilities are lying low and remaining mum about their capital investment plans. Not eager to "give away the store," detailed information about future generation, transmission and distribution spending is no longer trumpeted. A consequence of competitiveness and the growing diversity of entities that own and operate facilities is that government agencies, industry groups and reliability organizations face growing difficulties in obtaining consistent and complete data on existing and plan

Maines main supplier

WPS Energy Services Inc., a subsidiary of WPS Resources Corp. (NYSE: WPS), was selected as a "standard offer" supplier in the Maine Public Service Co. service territory. Starting March 1, 2000, consumers in Maine will be able to choose from a number of competing power producers. Consumers who elect not to choose a power company will default to a "standard offer" service. The Maine Public Utilities Commission selected WPS Energy Services to serve all home and industrial accounts, taking service u

Powerful settlement

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) and its parent holding company, Constellation Energy Group (NYSE: CEG), gained the Maryland Public Service Commission`s approval of the utility`s electric deregulation settlement. The order guarantees a six-year, average 6.5 percent base rate reduction for residential customers, and customer choice on July 1, 2000. As part of the settlement, BGE will continue to deliver electricity-regardless from whom consumers purchase it-to all 1.1 million customers th

Mexico-CalPX Link

The California Power Exchange`s (CalPX) electricity marketplace has expanded into Mexico with the addition of Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) as a participant in CalPX`s spot markets, and the first direct international trade link for CalPX. The CFE`s entry into CalPX`s Day-Ahead Market is predicted to increase trading volume and opportunities for generators to supply energy to Mexico. With CFE`s participation, Mexico becomes the second international participant, along with the Canadian Br