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ELP Volume 78 Issue 10

J.D. Power, Navigant let customers voice kudos, complaints about their utilities

Customer satisfaction has become both buzzword and dead horse in this uncomfortable hiatus between regulation and deregulation.

Guest Commentary- Crafting a deal: Merchants gain location advantage via leased sites

Location, location, location. Merchant project developers and owners are finding that location is king. They're also finding that many merchant projects under development and construction around the United States are sited on land they do not own.

Technology moves fuels management forward

The deregulation of the utilities industry has posed a new set of challenges for effective fuels management. While fuel demand has not changed, the rules of the fuels management business have.

IT Bits

Mincom Inc., a provider of enterprise application solutions for asset intensive industries, and CES International, a global provider of operations resource management software for utilities, announced a strategic alliance. The relationship provides for international business development as well as the development of integration between CES International's Centricity operations resource management systems and Mincom's Ellipse enterprise applications solutions. The development will leverag

On-line optimization: Cajun captures boiler efficiency benefits

Like most power plants today, NRG Energy's revenue and profitability depend directly on the ability to sell power on the wholesale electricity market and the costs of production for each unit.

Intangible assets inside the utility industry

Utilities are used to working with the physical plant. Generating plants, transmission and distribution systems are tangible, and have a value that can be easily measured. When the environments were highly regulated, it was easy to rely on these physical assets for valuation.

Pitching the invisible commodity: branding power in retail markets

What they don't know won't hurt them. That is, until now. Times were that the most a consumer had to understand about their electricity was where the bathroom and living room switches were located on the wall.

Exchange Notes

WSI Corp. and Energy Security Analysis Inc. (ESAI) just announced the addition of a long-range hurricane alerting feature to their Web-based Energycast PowerTrader and Energycast GasTrader subscription services. These decision-support services blend WSI's state-of-the-art meteorology technology and the market's most in-depth analytics from ESAI to give traders market-moving information to optimize investments and ensure power availability to consumers. The feature alerts clients to the p

Carbon capture projects green-lighted by DOE

You've heard the old saying "making a silk purse out of a sow's ear." The Department of Energy (DOE) is trying to apply that adage to a new problem: greenhouse gases.

Partnerships target SF6 emissions

Since April 1998, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has worked with the utility industry to voluntarily reduce emissions of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is used as an insulating medium in electric equipment. As of Aug. 1, 2000, the SF6 Emissions Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems had 60 partners representing roughly 35 percent of U.S. net generating capacity.