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ELP Volume 78 Issue 11

Pole wars: Wood or steel-the argument continues

The major battles in the electric industry of late seem to center on ISO vs. FERC or consumer vs. utility (after the crisis in California and the blackout of the downtown Chicago area last month). In doing so, they lose sight of another real tussle-one of the fundamental arguments obf the industry: What material works best for utility poles?

Field trial spotlights commercial fuel cell

Southern Company, Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA), FuelCell Energy and Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc. have joined in a partnership dubbed the Alabama Direct FuelCell Demonstration Project, originally announced by the group last February.

Tech NOTEs

Environmental technology and specialty chemical company ADA-ES, a subsidiary of Earth Sciences, reports successful results in early testing of its newest specialty chemical, ADA-249. This patent-pending product is designed to help utilities improve combustion of cheaper western coals from the Powder River Basin in cyclone boilers designed to burn eastern bituminous coals. ADA-249 is added to the coal prior to combustion and allows it to burn more like bituminous coal. The product was first demon

New Products and Literature

This portable commercial battery can check more than 25 different popular battery types. The microprocessor-controlled tester is available for primary (non-rechargeable) batteries. The multi-battery tester works with popular Zn, Air, Li, and coin-type as well as with AAA, AA, C, D, N and 9V batteries.

Billing engine boosts CRM power

With the constant pressure of changing regulatory requirements and competition, how can a utility juggle all these changes and, at the end of the day, keep its increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers happy?

Security, privacy & e-billing: An unlikely trio

Considering electronic billing's low cost and timesavings, you'd think American consumers would be beating down the proverbial business door of e-billers and vendors. Not so.


SCT (NASDAQ: SCTC), a provider of e-business solutions for the energy, utilities and communications market, announced the signing of a five-year services agreement with the City of Chicago's Department of Water (CDOW) with a value of up to $11.3 million, which was signed in the fourth fiscal quarter ending Sept. 30, 2000. The agreement provides extensive support services for CDOW's new SCT BannerRegistered Customer Management System (CMS). The contract represents the first multi-million-

Your troops require basic training

Practical knowledge has historically been acquired through on-the-job-experience-by performing workday tasks and learning from others.

E-vamping facility management improves control

An enterprise-wide facilities monitoring and control system should be based on a logical, hierarchical structure with an intelligent, interactive gateway at its heart.

TOP 100 OPERATING PERFORMANCES: IOUs hand over generation assets to NUGs; wholesale market buoys...

Always a challenge to put together, this year's operating performance report was no exception. In fact, the process of reviewing the numbers and verifying information brought to light just how much industry changes over the last few years have affected EL&P's exclusive report.