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ELP Volume 78 Issue 4

Novistar takes Oracle as ally in e-business for upstream:

Oracle Corp. and Novistar, Inc., an IT and accounting service provider to the upstream energy industry, announced an alliance formed to develop and deliver a broad range of e-business products and services to the energy industry. Novistar will own and market the Oracle Energy Upstream suite of products, the industry`s only Internet-enabled solution for production planning, operations and accounting. Oracle will complement Novistar`s efforts and continue to serve the energy marketplace by offer

Three for the new millennium: EL&P recognizes executives vision

Consider all major business transformations in the history of Western Civilization, from the rise of feudalism through the coming biotech age. Each shift has been driven by a few individuals with big ideas, people who were not afraid to challenge conventional thinking, people like William the Conquerer, Florence Nightingale and Henry Ford.

Nord Pool president joins APX

Automated Power Exchange Inc. (APX)- which operates Internet-based exchanges and clearinghouses for electricity, energy transmission and market and scheduling services to support power system administration-recently announced that Nord Pool President and CEO Per Hjorth will join APX. Hjorth will be managing director of APX`s European businesses. As the chief executive for APX in Europe, Hjorth will be responsible for rolling out the company`s e-commerce services throughout the region, including

Southern Co. opens energy trading center

Southern Co., the largest generator of electricity in the United States, recently opened a 24,000-square-foot energy commodity trading floor in Atlanta, Georgia. Nearly 100 traders and 400 support people will work at the center, in one of the world`s largest and most sophisticated energy trading centers. The trading floor operates 24-hours-a-day, providing real-time information and quotes. Electronic data walls will show energy demand trends, weather and other financial market information. The f

Memphis Light targets 21st century competitiveness

EL&P`s Utility of the Month for April is Memphis Light, Gas & Water (MLGW) division, a municipal utility serving about 400,000 customers in Memphis and Shelby County, Tenn. MLGW is the largest three-service municipal utility system in the United States.

Aggressive bidding sustains sellers market for generation

AmerGen, Calpine, El Paso, NRG, PP&L Global, Sithe-these are a few of the most active buyers of generating capacity in the United States during 1999. The total of widely announced acquisitions during 1999 was nearly 36,000 MW. As has been the case since the mid-1990s, bidding has been aggressive, prices can appear high, and it remains a seller`s market for generation. In addition, 2000 looks as though it will be as busy as 1999.

Entergy buys NYPAs plants: The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees

Entergy buys NYPA`s plants: The New York Power Authority Board of Trustees approved the sale of NYPA`s Indian Point 3 and James A. FitzPatrick nuclear plants to Entergy Corp. for $967 million. The sale is expected to close this fall pending regulatory approvals. The purchase price includes nuclear fuel and 1,700 staffers. As part of the agreement, Entergy agreed to accept full responsibility for possible tax liability over the plants` decommissioning fund-a potential $250 million tab.

World electricity consumption to nearly double in 20 years

The world`s use of energy will continue its rapid growth at least to the year 2020, particularly in the developing nations, according to the Energy Information Administration`s (EIA) "International Energy Outlook 2000" (IEO2000). Under current policies, EIA estimates overall energy consumption will rise 60 percent from 1997 to 2020. Faster than average growth is expected for the developing nations (121 percent), world natural gas use (104 percent), and world net electricity consumption (76 perce

Cogentrix targets Indiana: Cogentrix is investigating a Lawrence County, Ind.,

Cogentrix targets Indiana: Cogentrix is investigating a Lawrence County, Ind., area as a site for a 500 MW to 800 MW, gas-fired power plant. The facility is expected to provide peaking or baseload service, depending on market conditions being determined by studies Cogentrix is now carrying out. Decision on size and technical configuration is expected in mid-2000. The Lawrence County area is targeted for its gas pipeline and transmission line access. The company optioned a parcel of land near Bed

Riding the tiger of change

What happens when change never seems to end and change-exhaustion threatens to run amok? Often by nature and certainly by occupation, Information Technology (IT) professionals are agents of change-but how can management protect them from the impact of change, especially during mergers and acquisitions (M&A)?