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ELP Volume 78 Issue 6

Utilities take on challenges of improved reliability and PQ

For many utilities, deregulation has resulted in reduced manpower, less experienced manpower, lower maintenance budgets, lower capital budgets and less conservative loading practices. All of these changes will most likely negatively impact distribution system reliability.

Avista Utilities buoys start-up affiliates as Avista Corp. repositions

Avista Utilities is the "old-timer" among the Avista Corp. subsidiaries, having been in the business for 111 years. In comparison, its sister businesses are recent newcomers, and Avista Corp.'s transformation from a traditional utility company has required change and repositioning throughout the organization.

FirstEnergy demonstrates ECO technology

FirstEnergy will begin a commercial demonstration of air emission reduction technology designed to cut emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), fine particulate matter, mercury and other substances at the company's Eastlake Generating Plant in Eastlake, Ohio.

Florida rejects combined-cycle merchants

Strange as it sounds, Florida won't allow most combined-cycle merchant power plants to be built in the state. At the same time, however, simple-cycle units and plants sponsored by Florida utilities will proceed unhindered.

Parting shots

When one leaves a job, there's a natural urge to stride into the boss's office on the last day and say, "Boss, let me tell you what I really think of you!" This is followed by a litany of insults and criticisms the likes of which haven't been heard since Kevin Costner's last film.

ComEd pledges to pay for interrupted service

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) announced a voluntary pilot program that will automatically pay its customers if it fails to live up to its commitment to reduce electric service interruptions, provide faster service restoration when outages do occur and deliver better communication with customers and governmental bodies about service-related issues.

Revenue management technology in energy: It’s not just for airlines anymore

In truth, this is the science airline passengers love to hate. Passengers hate to have to comprehend the complexities of 50,000 fares; airlines love to watch as their revenues skyrocket with optimally priced seats on filled-to-the-brim flights.

GIS: It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it

Many management articles have chronicled the benefits of high leverage using the 80/20 rule articulated in the 18th century by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto.

New threats, rivals stampede into online energy

No longer is it the traditional energy industry competitor who will use technology to gun for your piece of the e-commerce pie. The new threat on the e-energy horizon comes from dot.com companies who are fast-footing their way into every market niche and cranny.

Solar power: Updating the market perspective for a “disruptive technology”

Precious few-if any-of us will be active in the electric utility industry in 2050, when solar power may be viable in central-station generation applications.