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ELP Volume 78 Issue 8

Commentary: Vive la révolution!

According to Kenichi Ohmae, a corporate strategist and author of The Invisible Continent, a change in thinking is long overdue. Speaking at Edison Electric Institute's conference, The New Millennium, in Montreal this June, he spoke of the "invisible continent," which was "discovered" only in the past 50 years, and has begun to be "settled" since the mid-80s.

Guest Commentary: FERC Order 2000 shakes up utility transmission business

The U.S. electric industry is birthing the independent transmission business. Before too long the new business segment may grow to encompass electric transmission lines, natural gas and oil pipelines—along with at least a portion of the web of fiber optic cables that now crisscross most of the United States. Is it possible that the ugly duckling of the electric business may turn into a beautiful (and profitable) swan?

PNM: Aggressive wholesale player eyes market south of the border

Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) heads into New Mexico's restructuring with optimism. It's counting on its success in power generation, wholesale power marketing and energy service business to provide growth in the years to come.

Mother nature K-Os San Diego market, price cap fervor stings like a bee

It seems Mother Nature is a fierce political machine. In the past few months, her heat-induced, statewide energy emergencies have given way to votes and re-votes by a California ISO trying to juggle reliability and prices. It seems that California power is as much on a fault-line as the state itself.

News Briefs

Projects and contracts...Energy marketing...Legal and regulatory...Mergers and acquisitions...Companies

Court burns states on NOx emissions appeal

On June 22nd, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals effectively squelched the request by a number of Midwest utilities for a bit more breathing room along the NOx emissions guidelines.

Protocol standards facilitate AMR implementation

Recent American National Standards Institute (ANSI) protocol standards will reduce the cost to support metering operations and accelerate the rate of innovation and change within the metering industry.

A solar facade for a 10th birthday

To mark 10 years of cooperation in solar energy between Siemens AG and Bayernwerk AG, the joint venture Siemens Solar GmbH has now erected a unique solar façade on its company building in Munich-Freimann.


Aiken deploys AIMetering ...IBM and Enron sign contract...Orion manages with HESI...Silicon acquires SRC Systems...Global Data receives follow-on order...Nova Scotia Power to acquire advanced GIS ...ALSTOM ESCA wins contract...MARCOM and PureSafety.com sign partnership...Carrier provides Internet-accessible thermostats

Invisible salve of DA smoothes rough edges; future looks soft and silky

Do you know who made that Big Mac you just sunk your teeth into? Can you call them by name, or are you among the millions and millions of Americans served who've never even contemplated the McDonald's process?