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ELP Volume 79 Issue 11

PG&E reorganization plan creates concern among advocates, legislators

In late September, bankrupt California utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) filed their reorganization plan. Under the terms of the plan, the utility will split off from its parent company, PG&E Corp., by the end of 2002.

Outsourcing picks up the slack

Both deregulation and re-regulation are driving utilities to consider outsourcing some level of customer contact. With the push to increase revenue and lower costs, utilities facing either scenario are partnering with outsourced call centers that offer flexibility, relief for inflated call volumes, and a marketing avenue for value adds for consumers.

Going by the numbers: Markets drive new wholesale, retail highs

Last year's turbulent markets made their mark on EL&P's operating performance report.

TECH Briefs

ALSTOM has acquired Bitronics Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance power measurement instruments. The company, which will be renamed ALSTOM T&D Bitronics Inc., will serve as the development center for power measurement technology within ALSTOM's transmission and distribution sector.

Total solutions automation marries vendor, utility

Total solutions automation and monitoring is not your father's control system-well, not entirely.

AMR, load management juggle supply & demand

A number of problems are hampering the creation of a successful retail electricity market in the United States.

IT Briefs

TXU is sharing jobs over the Internet with its Australian subsidiary through Trans-Pacific computer network links. The move capitalizes on time differences in the U.S. and Australia and sophisticated communications technology to create a virtual office that stays busy almost around-the-clock.


In your front-page article in the September 2001 issue of EL&P regarding nuclear generators, it was very unsettling to know that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission only reassures that current nuclear storage techniques are safe for 100 years without "adverse health or safety consequences."

FERC’s dysfunctional family

With the business of transmission undergoing significant change, utility companies have more than a passing interest in protecting their systems' considerable assets.

Southern California Edison dodges bankruptcy bullet

It's as if Southern California Edison (SCE) has cheated death, if a mere financial one.