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ELP Volume 79 Issue 12

Management Methods

Meetings are often a habit rather than a necessity, rooted in some almost forgotten past event. If you hold meetings yourself, it might save time and energy if you assessed their value with the help of these questions.

2001 Utility of the Year: Puget Sound Energy leads the pack in demand side...

EL&P proudly announces its 2001 Utility of the Year, Puget Sound Energy (PSE). It has earned this recognition through its Personal Energy Management program, which is the largest time-of-day and comparative time-of-day pricing program in the United States.

CS Briefs

OpenBill Express, EDS' Web-enabled electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) system, won the International Engineering Consortium InfoVision 2001 Award. InfoVision Awards recognize companies for products and services that bring benefits to the information industry, and to society as a whole.

Utelcos occupy strong market niche despite down economy

While most economists agree that the overall U.S. economy is near bottom, the utility sector remains fairly stable; consequently, diversification spells risk according to Beth Griffiths, director of research at the United Telecom Council (UTC).

Creative ROW maintenance paints a glowing utility portrait

Right-of-way (ROW) maintenance has traditionally been viewed as a dull necessity to maintain reliability-one filled with conversations about herbicides and growth rates.

Managing new mercury limits requires delicate balance

In three years federal regulations will likely require reductions in mercury emissions of up to 90 percent from current levels. For coal-fired plants, these new standards pose one of the most vexing challenges in recent memory.

Utilities effect distribution optimization with holistic approach

The new definition of distribution optimization includes more than linear measurement of network components-utilities' drive for efficiency has changed distribution optimization to mean improvement in total operations. "

Internet strategy untangles the Web

The Internet promises a cure for almost anything that ails a business. Companies are learning, though, that it can create as many problems as it solves.

IT Briefs

CES International and Advanced Control Systems Inc. (ACS) entered a comprehensive, multi-year partner agreement. The non-exclusive partnership calls for the companies to integrate their products, offering electrical utilities a real-time, rapidly deployable solution that provides utilities with new opportunities for increased operational efficiency.

Cognitive restructuring

Sometimes, it takes a friend to tell you something you may not want to hear. And today I'm going to be the friend who mustered up the courage to be straightforward with you.