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ELP Volume 79 Issue 2

Suppliers claw slowly forward, inching toward goal of retail competition

By no means is the U.S. electric utility industry poised at the starting gate of equal opportunity retail competition. In fact, America hasn't even approached that gate; as a jury-rigged circuit of differing legislation-both pending and lacking-and problematic distribution networks, the utility industry is still training for that market race, awaiting the moment when it rounds the corner and finds that starting gate in full view.

Golden State nosedives into power eclipse

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2001. A day that will live in infamy-at least in California.

World’s largest wind plant set to energize the West

PacifiCorp, through its non-regulated subsidiary PacifiCorp Power Marketing, Inc. (PPM), and FPL Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of FPL Group, an-nounced an agreement to develop and market power from the world's largest single wind energy development.

Tech Notes

ALSTOM has fully integrated its industrial turbine business in a new facility being established in Houston, Texas, which will be the headquarters for all industrial turbine applications in the Americas and other associated markets.

Software models real world pole conditions

LineSoft Corp., provider of engine-ering line design software solutions and engineering consulting services, recently announced the availability of new analysis software power in their line of Joint Use management solutions.

Exchange Notes

RedMeteor.com, a global Internet-based, open commodities exchange, has been selected to provide a modified energy exchange platform and hosting services to Energy Trade System (ETS), a venture uniting a group of energy players in the former Soviet Union. The platform will allow ETS to launch trading platforms for refined products exported through the Baltic Sea ports.

Anti-slamming rules slow to evolve

As competition slowly develops around the country for electricity and gas at both the consumer and commercial levels, only a few states have had to deal with the issue of slamming-the unauthorized switching of a customer's service. But, we fully expect this issue to grow as competition increases and customers get more comfortable with switching their energy suppliers.

From online database to e-procurement: the way ahead or way off target?

When you need to procure a part, why wouldn't you go look at what you have in store before you search elsewhere? As simple as that sounds, a surprising number of energy companies-and others-do no such thing, despite a variety of installed systems intended to help.

IT Bits

Calpine Corp. has agreed to purchase a corporate-wide license for PI System products and services from OSI Software Inc., a manufacturer of real-time plant information management systems.

Watching the juggling and plate balancing in California

The California electricity market is taking on the character of a three-ring circus. Except, as the old joke goes, it's not as organized.