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ELP Volume 79 Issue 5

STATE OF DEREGULATION: Distancing itself from California, Texas declares it’s like a whole other...

In a country besieged by California's deregulation fallout-PG&E declares bankruptcy, SDG&E and Dynegy square off with rapid-fire, press-release finger pointing-finding a state looking forward to restructuring is rather like finding the last dodo, but Texas does seem to be rescuing deregulation from the brink of extinction.

PG&E to Gov. Davis: We’re busted

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) now has the dubious distinction of being only the third electric utility in American history to declare bankruptcy, and they're the first official casualty of California's floundering deregulation process.

Entergy, FPL Group scrap merger plans

Entergy Corp. and FPL Group have parted ways on the merger set to create America's largest energy distributor. The proposed transaction- which had a value range of $6 to $9 billion, depending on input factors-ground to a halt with April's cusp.

King Me

Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) and Orlando Utilities Commission recently held a human checkers game in downtown Kissimmee; it featured 24 local dignitaries who were selected as "checkers," twelve from each city. The mayors called their moves from utility bucket trucks positioned 30 feet above the giant checkerboard, and this year St. Cloud walked away victorious. Photo courtesy of KUA.

Transmission may take leading role in the next “energy crisis”

Discussions of transmission capture attention. This was evidenced by the standing room only attendance at the T&D sessions held during PennWell's American Power Conference (APC), which took place in Chicago last month.

IT Bits

After a year in which it consolidated the power equipment businesses of several companies operating in the U.S., ALSTOM Power has introduced ALSTOM Power Online, a program that uses the Internet to provide comprehensive customer service across all of its product lines.

Technology links front office to customers

As the marketplace transforms, energy companies face many new challenges in the front office. Traditionally, energy companies have had separate customer information databases, complicating interaction with customers as new products emerge, older products evolve and companies consolidate.

EMK3 pioneers natural gas trading at the well site

When EMK3 launched an online petroleum marketplace early this year, oil buyers and sellers were given the opportunity to participate in an innovative "at the well" e-trading system. Natural gas traders soon asked where to click on the Web site.

AEP’s NAS battery may be link to electric energy storage

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and NGK Insulators Ltd. developed the high-density sodium-sulfur (NAS) battery during the 1980s. As part of that development, more than 20 NAS battery demonstrations have been installed in Japan, including two 6-MW plants at TEPCO stations.

Analysts predict steady rise in gas turbine market

Not too long ago, America woke up and realized that it was running out of electric power. With a growth in the population, a multi-fold increase in electrical power-hungry electronics, and a long cycle of hot summers and warm winters, demands on the providers of electric power have grown almost astronomically.