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ELP Volume 79 Issue 6

Tech Notes

American Superconductor Corp. and GE Industrial Systems announced a follow-on order from Entergy Corp. for two distributed superconducting magnetic energy storage (D-SMES) units to assure power reliability in the Houston, Texas area in the summer of 2002.

PBR technology sets new nuclear trend

Nuclear power proponents are looking to so-called "pebble bed" reactors as an alternative to existing nuclear plant design.

Exchange Notes

eBidenergy.com, an application service provider (ASP) of online energy services signed an agreement with ECOM-ENERGY Inc., an independent provider of advisory services and procurement solutions that assists healthcare providers in making their energy management and procurement decisions.

Utilities must enter real-time risk on the books

Energy firms are the next "big thing" in risk, according to a recent report from Meridien Research.

Utilities avoid capital costs with ASP host bypass

Small to mid-sized utilities need the benefits of Web-based solutions for energy delivery and energy market management but are often not in a position to deal with the huge upfront capital costs of building their own IT architecture and networks.

IT Bits

Invensys Performance Solutions has signed a contract with NRG Huntley Operations Inc. to upgrade the power station's existing control system and implement advanced process control at NRG's Huntley Station Units 67 and 68, in Tonawanda, N.Y.

AM/FM/GIS puts assets on the map

"If you still think of GIS as a niche project, you're behind the times. If you have no plan-get it together-it's a reality now."

Taking off the gloves in the Golden State

As I'm writing this, Dennis Tito returned to Earth, proclaiming, "It was paradise. I just came back from paradise."

Just Desert

The essential mirrors of Solar Two reflect both its tower and the Mojave Desert behind it. A summer jaunt along historic Route 66 (between Needles and Barstow, California) would take you right by the solar farm outside of Daggett. Photo taken by Warren Getz, courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Nuclear reigns as hot commodity

Nuclear energy is back in fashion.