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ELP Volume 79 Issue 8

Wisc. Energy, IPPs take tussle over new MW to the mat

When Wisconsin Energy (WE) introduced Power the Future 2 (PTF-2), a plan that would set aside $3 billion (of a total $7 billion plan) to construct 2,800 MW of new generation in the state, the Midwest Independent Power Suppliers (MWIPS) cried foul.

Strike a Pose

Triggered lightning sizzles at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing, Camp Blanding Army National Guard Base, Fla. Such lightning-artificially initiated from natural thunderstorms-is being used to test the effectiveness of lightning protection for power distribution systems. Photo courtesy of the University of Florida Lightning Research Group.

EEI predicts $21B shortfall in transmission investment

Nearly $56 billion in new capacity is needed in the next 10 years to maintain U.S. transmission adequacy at its current level, but only about $35 billion is planned, an electric industry group said.

No crybabies allowed!

When even stodgy, conservative banks think the country's power markets are going to thrive, it's time for the hand-wringing and nail-biting over fallout from the California debacle to cease.

IT Briefs

Under a new six-year contract, New Horizon System Solutions (NHSS), a joint venture of Ontario Power Generation and an affiliate of the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Group, will manage and operate information technology services for Bruce Power, which runs the Bruce nuclear power stations on the shores of Lake Huron.

Utilities take e-procurement to the grassroots

The World Wide Web is experiencing a grassroots renaissance in the utility industry. While limitless connectivity appeared to hold limitless value for commerce, communication, and community, in setting limits, the utility industry is reaping rewards of technology.

Tech Briefs

Square D, a distributor of electrical distribution automation products and services, has launched a new Web site intended to better serve customer needs. Driven by customer feedback, the site is designed to deliver technical information with improved graphics and easy-to-use navigation.

Digital economy forces PQ to top-of-mind status

Although power system reliability concerns dominated headlines this summer, power quality is an issue also achieving top-of-mind status among utilities and the commercial and industrial customers they serve.

EPRI suggests technological cures to power ills

In a recently released paper, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has presented a number of "concrete and actionable" technical recommendations to help solve the power crisis that began in California and now involves the 11-state Western power grid.

Metering, communications and computing for price-responsive demand programs

Competitive wholesale electric power markets today can be likened to the sound of one hand clapping. They are often inefficient and not fully competitive, in part because retail-customer loads do not participate in these markets.