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ELP Volume 80 Issue 1

CS Briefs

Direct Energy Marketing Ltd. chose Peace Software's Energy suite to manage its customers in 10 electricity and gas markets in North America. Direct Energy, a retail energy company, has more than 1.5 million customers in North America and plans to grow to more than 10 million customers on the continent by end of 2003.

Buckeye State’s deregulation process hits glass ceiling

Ohio's market has been open for approximately a year, and while there has been progress in the restructuring arena, that push forward seems to have reached a "plateau," as the spokeswoman for FirstEnergy labeled the current situation.

Abandoning traditional budgets beefs up value

Excel might just be too one-dimensional for the sophisticated organization. Face it, it's a spreadsheet not a planner. It's imperative for organizations to align strategic planning with budgeting and remake the animal to survive in a more challenging market.

Smooth plant O&M rests on the shoulders of good people

Danny Morton, Central Cluster Manager for Southern Company, and Rick Deese, general manager of technical services for Duke Energy, agree about both the biggest hurdles and greatest assets in plant operations and maintenance (O&M), as if they've been molded by the same coach.

Tech Briefs

Industrial Peer-to-Peer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of InStep Software, has developed RadServ, a software-based monitoring solution for the nuclear industry. RadServ, which runs on the Windows operating system, maintains an online history of all measured radiation levels, calibration parameters, set points and control signals.

ABB software breaks the 40,000-bus barrier for northeastern U.S. model

ABB Inc. announced that the firm's security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) software has been run successfully using a 40,000-bus model that encompasses the entire northeastern U.S. and major portions of WSCC.

Infrastructure projects draw IT staff

Energy companies demand for high-tech staff is hot and heavy, however&ellipse;"Many electric utilities are focused on the non-sexy work of mergers and acquisitions, which have placed a heavy burden on their IT departments," according to David Putt, director of operations at Contractors Resources.

IT Briefs

The State of New York granted IMServ certification to act as a meter data service provider (MDSP). The certification entitles IMServ to participate fully in load curtailment and other related energy management projects throughout the state and to proceed with the certification process with each utility that will allow IMServ to provide billing ready energy information and other customer services.

EL&P celebrates its 80th anniversary

We're all settling into the new year, which holds its usual promises of hope and uncertainties. For Electric Light & Power, 2002 is a banner year-it marks our 80th year.

Distribution utilities brace for increasing network complexity

Industry experts have heralded the imminent and widespread adoption of alternative power technologies for years. As we move into 2002, it appears the dial is now leaning more toward "when" rather than "if" this prediction will come to fruition.