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ELP Volume 80 Issue 11

Primer on gas turbine NOx abatement

Because nitrogen oxides (NOx) contribute significantly to the ozone problem, some parts of the United States have pushed NOx emissions requirements for gas turbines to below 5ppm.

Bridging the gap between economics and ecology with CHP

In the wake of increasing power demands, escalating utility costs, and tightening environmental constraints, resource conservation and energy efficiency are rapidly becoming topics of greater interest.

CHP isn’t realizing its potential

Despite the economic and environmental benefits as well as technology development of combined heat and power (CHP) systems, CHP market penetration has been stalled in the past few years.

A CHP success story: Trigen Energy Corp., Tulsa, Okla.

Trigen is a developer, owner, and operator of industrial, commercial, institutional, and district energy systems in North America.

Settling (thankfully) into a lull

There seems to be a sense of things finally settling down in our industry. This isn't to say all issues are being resolved and all is right with our world, but a lull seems to have mercifully blanketed our "business as unusual" mode of the last year or so.

Interoperable, open systems automate utilities for efficiency and expansion

In July 2001 Enel S.p.A. of Italy, the world's largest publicly traded electric utility, began deploying a network that should eventually connect 27 million homes and buildings with LonWorks based smart meters.

Unleashing the service chain

Deregulation in the energy industry has undoubtedly caused some shifts in the market. Even if it has not led to direct competition on a regional basis, it has amplified the call for more customer-focused service throughout the country.

Viewing maintenance from the perspective of investment protection

Electric utilities pass through several phases of development: original incorporation and construction, on-going operations, upgrades and expansion, and—though perhaps not a phase but rather a continuum—maintenance.

Koolau-Pukele structures replacement project

One of the key substations on Hawaiian Electric Co.'s (HECO) grid in Oahu is the Pukele Substation.

T&D Briefs

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Standards Board has approved a new standard for automatically reclosing line circuit breakers on transmission and distribution (T&D) lines.