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ELP Volume 80 Issue 12

Primer on LMP

Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) is a methodology for pricing electricity and managing transmission congestion that has been used by PJM and NY-ISO, and is likely to be adopted across the U.S. by Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) such as MISO and CAL-ISO and SeTrans.

Existing and potential constraints within ERCOT

Since Texas opened its electricity market to competition in January 2002, a major part of a successful restructuring operation has been transmission lines—how many there are and if there's enough transmission capacity to meet changing requirements.

Visualizing the electric grid for power management and marketing

The electric power system is now one of the largest and most complex of man-made objects, with billions of components, tens of millions of kilometers of transmission line, thousands of generators, and power outputs ranging from under 100 kW to more than 1000 MW.

How do the recent trends in mobile computing apply to utilities?

As businesses continue to emphasize and require anytime-anywhere access to corporate information, we see more enterprise applications with wireless components enabling far more than email exchange.

Calling for a timeout

When you start reading this, visualize the hand symbol for a timeout. I'm officially going to wander along several tangents, some directly related to our industry, most not.

Guest Commentary: Security’s bottom line: Knowledgeable electrical engineers can cause blackouts

The Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center should have been a wake-up call to designers and operators of America's infrastructure. Al-Queda operatives demonstrated that they have the time and talent to study technical systems, uncover weak points, and initiate actions that will exploit those weaknesses.

Got a date with a judge? CCA can help you prepare

"Ken Lay could have really used your services," I joked while interviewing Nancie Poppema, executive vice president for the Communication Counsel of America.

Con Edison takes top honors by sticking to the basics

When other utilities were venturing into diverse, unregulated businesses, Consolidated Edison Inc. (Con Edison) continued its conservative "wires and pipes" approach to sustaining financial strength.

FERC branches out to energy market oversight and investigations

Earlier this year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) opened up a new branch labeled the Office of Market Oversight and Investigations (OMOI). OMOI's function, according to FERC, is to help the commission "improve its understanding of energy market operations and ensure vigilant and fair oversight of those areas under the commission's jurisdiction."

FERC Standard Market Design: Restoring momentum to deregulation

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Standard Market Design (SMD) Notice of Rule Making (NOPR) is best described as a "back to the basics" initiative that is intended to restore deregulation momentum in the United States and all of North America.