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ELP Volume 80 Issue 2

CS Briefs

Docucorp introduced Docuflex, a production-class design, personalization and creation system that can deliver an unlimited number of complex, personalized documents for both Internet and print.

Time to get serious about time-of-use rates

Product and service prices that vary by time of use (TOU) are neither new to the electricity industry nor uncommon in everyday life. Examples include telephone service, air travel, theater tickets and parking.

California, Pennsylvania deregulation falls into legal limbo

The headlines have been screaming for over a year about the pros and cons of deregulation, and no two states have held more symbolic positions in that debate than Pennsylvania and California-the alpha and omega of electric restructuring.

Predicting the market potential for distributed generation

In the current environment of increasing deregulation, the expansion potential of distributed generation (DG) systems is quite substantial. However, the spread of DG will vary substantially by region and technology.

DG and ride-through technologies could solve grid reliability problems

The grid is 99.9 percent reliable, which sounds fabulous. Yet, it leaves almost nine hours of downtime per year that end users must contend with, and, for some industries, it can be a hardship. There are, however, a number of options available to deal with the grid's ups and downs.

Tech Briefs

Electro Industries/GaugeTech, a strategic partner of General Electric, has introduced the DMMS 350 three-phase power meter with built in Ethernet LAN connectivity. The meter provides access to all voltage, current and power valves and reports information using Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

Technology redefines a mature market through convergence

The utilities industry is in the throes of converging into a structure in which single source utility and infrastructure providers will offer better quality products and services, faster implementation and an overall lower cost of delivery.

IT Briefs

In an effort to accelerate delivery time on software projects, CES International, developer of operations management software for utilities, partnered with India-based Krohm Solutions, a utility-focused, software services company with offshore operations.


I just read your commentary [Cognitive Restructuring] in the December 2001 issue of EL&P. All I can say is, "Knock 'em on their butts!"

Liars and cheaters revisited

They like to do things BIG in Texas, and Enron isn't about to disappoint anyone.