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ELP Volume 80 Issue 3

EEM helps bear the load of grid stability

Electricity cannot be stored; it's a real-time commodity-simultaneously delivered and consumed-and accurate and timely information of availability and price must be shared immediately among all players, 24x7, at lightning-fast speeds.

Optimization offers alluring generation strategies

Prevailing economic uncertainties have affected most, if not all, sectors of U.S. industry. The electric industry is no exception.

Viewpoint on NSR

The so-called "new source review" environmental issue is likely to come to a head this year. Environmentalists are pushing for a tougher stance. Power plant owners are fighting it.

NOx compliance and pending regulatory changes

The U.S. electric power industry will continue to face major uncertainties in growth, deregulation, and environmental compliance challenges. The Energy Information Administration projects that as many as 1,300 new power plants, representing nearly 400 GW of capacity, will be needed by 2020 to meet demand and to off-set plant retirement.

New materials, methods boost HTS economics

On a site in Schenectady, NY, IGC-Superpower, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intermagnetics General Corporation, is currently building pilot-scale second-generation high-temperature superconducting (HTS) technology.

HTS drives the road to commercialization

Solutions to avoid reoccurring blackouts and energy shortages have typically focused on the need for generating more power. Ironically, with the increase in construction of new power plants over the last decade we now have a surplus of power, yet the energy shortages and blackouts persist.

Guest Commentary: Enron’s malfeasance harms energy sector, economy

Enron was once dubbed the most innovative corporation in America and was clearly one of the most admired energy companies in the world. Today Enron has become a dirty word, with the company and its executives having come to personify corporate greed and malfeasance.

Hey buddy, wanna buy an asset-real cheap?

The British gas and home services company, Centrica PLC, announced its acquisition of NewPower Holdings, a U.S. retailer of gas and electricity, on February 23. Actually it may be more accurate to say NewPower cried uncle and acquiesced to Centrica.

TAGG seeks support to conquer the grid game

Is TAGG a national answer to congestion and bottlenecks, to gridlock and energy woes? In other words, is TAGG it?

Enron implosion burns 401K funds for utility subsidiary

Wherever you look there is shrapnel from the Enron disaster: executives pleading the Fifth before Congress, laid off employees scoffing at the "emotional" interview with former CEO Ken Lay's wife, even an unopened Enron ethics manual being sold on eBay.