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ELP Volume 80 Issue 4

Execs pumped up about deregulation; caution advised by consultants

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young interviewed over 100 executives across the globe between late August and November 2001 for their recently released study, Making De-regulation Work; Have the Basics been Forgotten?, and received an overall excited response to the concept of deregulation.

Inside players paint positive Texas portrait

The retail market within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has been open since New Year's Day.

Letter to the Editor

Enron's fallout: Banks bearish on financing new power

Now you see it, now you don't

Springtime in California promises to be stormy, but I'm not talking about weather patterns.

GIS moves up a notch with integration of weather technology

A utility's primary responsibility is to ensure the delivery of energy to its customers and to control or reduce the number of service interruptions.


AEP to demonstrate sulfer battery

Taking it live: On-line, on-load treatment of insulating oils

Transformer maintenance presents an interesting and a challenging problem in that the system is highly sensitive to any kind of disturbance of the insulating oil that may stir up contaminants and/or lead to the formation or release of gas bubbles.

Final verdict's not in on RTOs, wholesale electric transmission: Stability or continued confusion?

Over the past year, the structure of the wholesale electric transmission industry in the United States has continued its dramatic transformation.


Utility spending for CIS upgrades falls then rises

Service gateway brings rural Wash. customers closer to "home of the future"

IntraCoastal System Engineering Corp., a provider of power line communication solutions, announced that Washington State's Mason County Public Utility District 3 (PUD3) has selected IntraCoastal's Utility Access Device.