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ELP Volume 80 Issue 7

Analysts hunt for bias in NERC forecasts

Every year, the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) collates and summarizes the forecasts of individual utilities in each region, and publishes the results on a diskette entitled Electric Supply and Demand.

EPA unveils New Source Review changes

On June 13, 2002, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released recommended changes to New Source Review (NSR), the major air pollution permitting program that applies to most power plant projects. It appears that the recommended changes would not significantly affect new plants, but could make it easier for existing plants to perform maintenance and improvement projects without triggering new pollution control requirements.

Attention, all CEOs: Start planning for global warming’s September 11th

The news was both stark and shocking: The sudden collapse of a huge shelf of Antarctic ice into the sea, described by scientists as "staggering," re-ignited fears of global warming and its knock-on effects.


American Superconductor receives order


KUA contest produces first winner

Should IT play a role in NOx compliance?

The 21st Century power plant is a chemical plant that happens to produce electricity.

Power quality, continuity drive businesses’ site selections

The increased dependence of modern industry on reliable power has shifted the site selection criteria from "available capacity" to "capacity and reliability." As such, industrial concerns have begun to evaluate energy suppliers on their ability to meet their reliability needs.

U.S. power industry facing long, difficult journey to competition Shangri-La

The writing is on the wall: Texas is the hands-down deregulation leader. No one is disputing that. In fact, consultants XENERGY recently sent out a release declaring Texas the "king of retail electric competition" in the U.S.


Conversant introduces object-oriented CIS

Atmos Energy launches Web site to support 770 assistance agencies

Atmos Energy Corp. is launching a new self-service Web site to help nearly 770 energy assistance agencies across its 11-state service area assist low-income customers in paying their natural gas bills.