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ELP Volume 80 Issue 9

Primer on asset management

Superior asset management is a critical part of attaining maximum profitability.

GE, Power Engineers garner BPA contract

GE Industrial Systems, a unit of General Electric Company, and Power Engineers Inc. have secured a contract with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) for power capacity projects worth a total of $42 million.

AMR MVPs utilize technology to win the game

Utilities, employees, customers and shareholders need 'fixed network' AMR today.

Cleaning house: How technologies take equipment data management from pre-digital to post-virtual

Imagine bringing your car in to your mechanic for some much-needed repair and maintenance work.

Waiting in the wings

For many investors, balance sheets and financial statements of energy companies are now most suited for use as kindling as we approach the winter season.

New England implements attributes tracking system

As a result of an innovative new generation information system, retail suppliers of electricity in New England are now able to use tradable "certificates" representing the fuel source, emissions and other attributes of power.

On-site power gets down to business

Although the prices for natural gas, fuel oil and electricity are not as volatile as they were a year ago, and brownouts and blackouts haven't made the national headlines for months, corporate managers-from the facility manager on up to the CEO-are as interested as ever in managing energy expenditures and insuring power availability and reliability.

National Grid weighs in on U.S. transmission market

National Grid USA's Nick Winser, senior vice president with responsibility for transmission strategy and development in the U.S., spoke with EL&P shortly after FERC issued its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on standard market design.

The sweet purr of the corporate engine: A look at the advantages of dashboards

Once a conservative and safe haven for investors, the energy industry is under scrutiny by analysts, media and politicians.

Power security in a bottle: Who pays for the safety salve?

Since the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, the energy industry has examined security issues with a magnifying glass.