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ELP Volume 81 Issue 1

Primer on supercritical steam

Thermodynamics govern the ultimate performance of Rankine cycles whether they are used in a coal fired steam power plant or the bottoming cycle of a combined cycle plant. In order to increase the efficiency of those cycles, higher pressure and temperature steam conditions are desired.

Demise of PSE’s TOU program imparts lessons

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) serves about a million customers in the suburbs of Seattle. In May of 2001, PSE designed and implemented a time-of-use (TOU) rate for its residential and small commercial customers (see Electric Light & Power, February 2002, page 8).

NSR changes trip fewer triggers

In November 2002, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released both proposed and final changes to New Source Review (NSR), the major air pollution permitting program that applies to most power plant projects.

Guarded optimism

This describes the overall tone conveyed by the keynote speakers at POWER-GEN International 2002 in Orlando last month. Don't get me wrong—it wasn't doom and gloom, but it also wasn't a tent revival.

Letter to the Editor: Taking CEO to task

I have read EL&P for most of my career. I have enjoyed it and have benefited from your objective reporting of power industry information.

Turning potential into reality with utility e-billing

The monthly billing cycle is one of the most common occurrences in American life. An estimated 18 billion recurring bills are sent to American consumers, who then send back 23 billion checks in payment.

Seamless outsourcing allows utilities to focus

When a Duke Power customer telephones the company to discuss credit and collection issues, they doubtlessly assume that they are speaking to a company employee.

Managing mobility: Ten tips to protect your laptops

They're everywhere: laptops, smart phones and PDAs. Once reserved for the elite and the traveling business professional, these technologies are now being deployed in organizations at an astonishishng rate.

Bandwidth case study: Nevada Power chooses Belden

It's not often you hear of a company contemplating the switch to an all-copper system from its half-fiber/half-copper communications network. But that's exactly what Nevada Power Company did recently—and they have already gained tremendously from that decision.

Making the right investments in CRM could impact your bottom line

Restructuring is unfolding at various stages across the United States and around the world. The consequence for utilities is a transformed model for customer relationship management (CRM).