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ELP Volume 81 Issue 11

Primer on geothermal energy

Alameda Power & Telecom has firsthand experience with geothermal energy. For the past 20 years, our municipal utility, a department of the City of Alameda, Calif., has used this clean, renewable resource to generate electric power for our customers.

Las Vegas casinos roll retail market snake eyes

Like a Southern belle rejecting unworthy suitors, the slightly ajar retail market in the state of Nevada continues to hide behind a fluttering fan of regulation and poorly constructed potential contracts.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

If you take a look at our industry report this month on page 8, you'll read about some of the effects of higher natural gas prices and concerns regarding shortage of natural gas resources.

Working with a weather services provider to avoid risk

Reliability and outage management are vital components in the day-to-day operation of utilities. They keep the lights on, customer service up-to-speed and power flowing to end-users.

Telematics: Providing new paths for transmission reliability

We live in an age of electricity, but the ability of the transmission/distribution grid to deliver electricity from source to destination is hampered by the lack of adequate infrastructure.

Substation transformer asset management solutions

The influencers of asset management plans are numerous—shrinking capital expenditure budgets, an uncertain timetable for the nation's economic turnaround...

Transmission caught between market & utility paradigms

The forthcoming energy bill, FERC actions, RTO plans, and state regulatory preferences are producing an investment climate that is somewhere between the market and utility paradigms...

This month online…

Poor communication has often turned a relatively small-scale outage into a full-scale public relations nightmare.

EL&P exclusive: 2002 operating performance rankings reflect changes in market dynamics

EL&P again collaborated with Energy Ventures Analysis (EVA), Arlington, Va., for this report. Tom Hewson, EVA principal, discussed the following generation sector snapshots in a recent interview.


Lowe's home improvement warehouse chain has installed a 370 kW commercial solar rooftop electric system at the company's West Hills store in L.A.