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ELP Volume 81 Issue 2

Primer on partial discharges

Insulation failure is an accepted leading cause of electrical failures, so the testing and monitoring of insulation systems is considered a necessary practice.

Is deregulation dead?

To some doctors in this scenario, the patient has flat-lined. (Yet, no one wants to call it.)

Playing to a tough crowd

FERC seems to be sweetening the pot when it comes to transmission investment.

Systems integration can be part of an M&A strategy

Throughout the past decade, the electric utility industry has completed mergers and acquisitions on an unprecedented scale. Regulated utilities have grown their traditional businesses while expanding into other areas, including merchant energy, oil and gas ventures and telecommunications to name a few.

SCE program connects with the hard-to-reach

Southern California Edison (SCE) took a rather ordinary load management program and gave it an anything-but-ordinary marketing approach to sign up its hard-to-reach rural and ethnic business customers.

Kiss the cook: How to be a T&D gourmet

In most countries the experience in developing transmission systems has proved to be extremely difficult, not only because of the strong adverse reaction of local interests but also for a variety of other reasons.

Security drives the industry toward standardization

As the security of our nation and its information continues to be threatened, many energy-based companies are beginning to explore additional measures to protect their valuable data.

GIS software market sees dynamic growth

Worldwide GIS software revenue reached $1.1 billion in 2001, reflecting an increase of 14.3 percent over the previous year, according to a market study by Daratech Inc.


Black & Veatch has been selected by the Wisconsin Public Service Corp. to provide engineering services in the development of one of the largest utility-owned coal plants in the U.S., according to the company.

One critical question: Will FERC be able to implement the SMD?

I give FERC a lot of credit for continuing to pursue its restructuring agenda aggressively in the difficult political environment created by the combination of the California debacle and the Enron scandal.