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ELP Volume 82 Issue 1

Mitigating your weather exposure

Energy restructuring in the 1990s prompted the creation of weather risk management tools that help businesses hedge against the various risks associated with weather.

Electric reliability and how to get there

In your September 2003 column, you discussed who will pay for the improvements needed within the electric utility system to maintain or improve reliability.

Court blocks equipment replacement regulation

On Dec. 24, 2003, a federal court blocked implementation of changes to New Source Review (NSR) regulations related to equipment replacement.

The aging workforce: What can you do about it?

In the first part of this series (EL&P, December 2003), we underscored the need to act quickly to prevent the loss of critical knowledge as the aging workforce retires.

Money follows the path of most influence

We began February with the presidential primaries. There was a whole lot of stomping, but I don't recall hearing much about the candidates' plans for the electric industry (or any mention of the stalled energy bill).

Is your call center really a ‘profit center’?

As customer relationship management (CRM) has emerged and evolved over the past five to ten years, we have heard a great deal about 'enlightened' approaches to customer service.

This month online…

Results of a survey of EL&P readers show mobile technology has an increasing presence in utilities and is gaining acceptance as a viable solution to increase worker productivity.

Grid computing captures attention

In an economic climate where every IT investment is closely scrutinized and companies face increased pressure to do more with less, IT expenditures must be aligned with overall business objectives...

Corporate renewable energy purchase shows marked increase

Corporate partners of the World Resources Institute's (WRI) Green Power Market Development Group are now buying Sterling Planet's Green America renewable energy certificates (RECs)...

Intrepid builds biogas facility

Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. a renewable energy company announced completion of preliminary phase of design of its "flagship" biogas production facility...