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ELP Volume 82 Issue 3

Guided-wave MsS technology to detect corrosion in fuel oil piping and boiler reheater tubing

To prevent forced outages, utility maintenance crews routinely inspect boiler tubes and various piping systems during normal scheduled outages.

Letter to the Editor

Your discussion, "Public power gains popularity as sector sustains its financial strength," in the March 2004 EL&P prompts these comments:

Generator testing for planning model and performance verification

Recent transmission system blackouts have emphasized the importance of accurately representing electric power generator capabilities in system models.


Avista files rate case: Avista Corp. has filed a request with Idaho regulators to increase electric prices by 11 percent above current rates and natural gas prices by 9.2 percent.

Taxed gas market could remain volatile through 2025

From executive to end-user, most people think "high prices" when they hear "natural gas crisis," and it's true that high prices—from wellhead to monthly bill—are the most visible aspect of this situation.

This month online…

For those at electric utility facilities who work with it daily, environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance is synonymous with long, confusing, and stressful hours of sorting through paperwork and regulations.

EL&P introduces Projects of the Year 2004:Awards in customer service and utility marketing

Electric Light & Power, the official conference publication of Chartwell's 7th International Energy Marketing and Customer Service Conference and Expo (EMACS), and Chartwell join to announce...

Key reasons for replacing legacy CIS/CRM systems

Service orders pass from desk to desk often getting lost under piles of paperwork. It takes hours of database queries and time-consuming cut and paste to meet the ever-changing regulatory reporting requirements.

The persistence of EL&P

Electric Light & Power, the venerable power industry news journal you're currently holding in your hands, is undergoing a couple of changes.

LNG becomes necessity

The Energy Information Administration's 2004 Annual Energy Outlook and the 2003 National Petroleum Council studies both agree on one thing: the 30 Tcf (trillion cubic feet) of natural gas demand forecast by 2019...