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ELP Volume 82 Issue 4

transaction software systems have come a long way

Just a few short years ago, power transaction and scheduling systems were but a pipe dream as markets deregulated and software vendors attempted to modify ...

final blackout report is essential summer reading

In April, the U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force released its final report on the Aug. 14 blackout.

outsourcing allows utilities to cut costs, focus on core business

A multi-billion dollar industry is up for grabs for utilities that can convince consumers and businesses to switch power suppliers.

new trends shaping demand response programs

Recent years have seen renewed interest in demand response programs across the U.S. These programs use a variety of pricing mechanisms...

new CEO, same great culture

This month EL&P speaks with Bob McGehee, the new CEO of Progress Energy, about his plans for the company and his views of the industry.

mounting concerns over SCADA security

Recent reports-most recently one by the General Accounting Office-have raised concerns over network security in the power and energy sector.

the aging workforce: what can you do about it?

In the first segment of this series (Dec. EL&P), we emphasized the need to prepare for the wave of retirements that the utility industry will face by the end of this decade.

benefit of counselcarrots and competition: shouldn’t utilities earn a “return” on purchased power?

Some industry observers are rushing to declare wholesale competition ailing, if not dead. While these pronouncements appear a bit premature, the continued existence of the merchant model is...,

marketing buzz:spread the news without breaking the bank

Let me set the scene for you. It's Monday morning, and you are the marketing communications manager for a (pick one) rural electric cooperative, a small municipal utility or...

special focus on T&D :toward a smart electric grid

The August 14 blackout in the Northeast and Midwest United States and southern Canada served as a clarion call about the need to upgrade the electric power grid.