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ELP Volume 82 Issue 5

opportunity minus responsibility equals tragedy

Just as authorities in Houston closed the cell door on Lea Fastow and a grand jury in that same energy capital brought an indictment against Ken Lay...


New Energy Associates has appointed Deane Price president. William McCarrick, Jr. joined as vice president, sales.

the future of CIS

The walls around today's customer information systems (CIS) are about to explode.

keys to keeping spam in the dark

As head of IT for a major southwestern utility company that provides natural gas and electricity for more than 1.3 million New Mexicans...

modular substations: breaking the industry mold

With the utility industry in the middle of a market transformation, reliability and cost-effectiveness are two major factors affecting the future of utility transmission design and implementation.

deregulation increases cash flow, profitability

One of the major hot issues of the last few years has been "Is deregulation working?" Deregulation of the electric utility industry marked a fork in the road for many companies...

retail power markets progressing

Since 2002 U.S. competitive electric retail markets have progressed rapidly, particularly among the commercial and industrial sector.

consumer opinion tainted by outages

The consumer is the most important element in the reliability equation. When it comes to utilities' relationships with their customers, two truths stand out.

how your favorite CEOs manage stress

When Lynda Bader, president of Clear and Effective Communications (Portland, OR), discusses seminar opportunities with utility executives, they are quite happy to have her present programs on time management...

should critical infrastructure jobs stay at home?

In a year when jobs and security are of concern to everyone, there are few subjects more controversial than the outsourcing of engineering and service jobs to Third World centers overseas...