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ELP Volume 82 Issue 6

seven essentials to a successful credit risk management program

What happens if one of your counterparties fails to meet its obligations with your utility?

Duke Power 101: a class in utility management from Dr. Ruth Shaw

In this issue's profile, we discuss Southern culture, leadership skills and Duke Power's 100th anniversary with the utility's president, Ruth Shaw.

debate over energy policy taking backseat as election draws near

As Election Day draws nearer, the list of talking points for the presidential hopefuls has been set firmly in granite. Unfortunately, U.S. energy policy is not near the top of that list.

the executive

L.D. Hollingsworth joins management consulting and engineering firm R.W. Beck's Orlando office as an executive consultant...

driving excellence through business process automation

More and more, utility executives are turning to their IT and supply chain organizations to explore innovative ways to drive results.

five trends defining the emerging utility call center

The following call center trends offer significant opportunities for faster service, more personalized customer communications, internal performance...

transmission capacity continues to decline

Transmission lines, substations, circuit breakers, capacitors and other equipment provide more than just a highway to deliver energy and power from generating units to distribution systems.

energy and utilities companies sit on cash, pay down debt in 2003

The worst–financially speaking–appears to be over for the energy and utilities sector. The industry has turned a corner...

a regulatory compact for a new era

Rate cases are back. By one estimate, state commissions will hear more than two dozen cases by year's end. Many states will be revisiting rates that have been frozen for ...

rebuilding reputation: the buck starts with the CEO

The old saying "the buck stops here" has never been more true for CEOs and other "top brass" in the American electric power industry.