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ELP Volume 83 Issue 2

the case for strategic asset optimization

How easy is it to define and regularly adjust long-range maintenance and financial plans for a power station? Are these plans making the best use of resources and capital to reduce operating risk, maximize generating capacity and cut overall costs?

Rowe reveals Exelon’s“culture in transition”

In this issue’s profile, we discuss nuclear energy, corporate culture, diversity and one whopper of an upcoming merger with Exelon’s chairman, president and CEO John Rowe.

will Exelon E&G be greater than the sum of its parts?

In this issue, we present an exclusive interview with John Rowe, president and CEO of Exelon, a utility company that recently made big news when it announced that it would merge ...

business drives CIS trends

The utility industry has long had a reputation for lagging behind other businesses in the adoption of new approaches to information technology, there are catalysts driving widespread, though cautious, investment in IT solutions, particularly in areas key to the industry’s future success, like customer information and billing systems.

three “C”s of recurring payments:payments: choice, convenience and control

Recurring payments (RP) made through payment cards offer electric utilities a simple and highly effective way to reduce costs, improve cash flow, and enhance customer service.

e-billing the right way

Few utility websites deliver more than basic e-billing and consequently fail to realize the full potential of Internet self service to reduce customer care costs and improve customer service and loyalty.

communication is key for preventing blackouts

For some, the first days of spring bring thoughts of summer warmth and relaxation. But, for those in the energy industry, the onset of warm weather means it’s time to plan for spikes in usage and other energy management challenges.

benefit of counsel: success of wind energy requires immediate changes in federal policies

To meet the demands for reliable energy sources, increased fuel diversity, reduced dependence on foreign oil and an improved environment, existing policies that hamper wind development must be changed.

hedge funds see energy’s potential

2005 is the year that energy will come of age as an alternative investment class.

marketing buzz: what does it take to be a J.D. Power award winner?

I attended a customer service and marketing conference last fall featuring a speaker from SRP, a large municipal utility in Phoenix which has consistently won the J.