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ELP Volume 83 Issue 2

surviving the amazing retention race: the ultimate power & energy reality show

A recent research project by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 75 percent of all workers are actively or passively looking for new employment.

algae emissions reduction concept shows new promise

Well-informed readers of EL&P may recall that past studies by the U.S.

preparing for mercury regulations

After more than a decade of studies, proposals, meetings, drafts and re-drafts U.S. EPA is poised to regulate mercury emissions from coal-fired plants.

U.S. hydropower: 125 years old and full of energy

Hydropower, first used in the U.S. in 1880, is one of the nation’s most valuable resources. It is low-cost, domestic, renewable and emits no air pollution.

diverse energy demand fires old & new investors

A recent Forbes article, Energy Bull Has Room to Run, noted that energy stocks were the leading investment in 2004 and will likely remain so because “demand-driven energy bull markets tend to have staying power.