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ELP Volume 83 Issue 3

transformers and circuit breakers not the only aging utility resources

Utility executives have been warned of the dangers posed by aging utility equipment so much that it has begun to sound old hat.

the executive

Atlanta-based AGL Resources, parent company of Virginia Natural Gas, Virginia Gas and Elkton Gas, has named Robert Duvall vice-president and general manager of Virginia and Maryland operations.

weather and risk: monitoring yields cost savings, operational efficiencies

There is a fine balance expected of utilities when it comes to managing weather and risk.

connecting the dots on energy policy

It’s time to break the gridlock on energy policy reform-and to recognize new patterns of connection among some of our toughest energy challenges.

California pricing experiment yields new insights on customer behavior

While many problems conspired to create California’s energy crisis, most people agree that the crisis was exacerbated by the lack of dynamic price signals in retail markets.

international energy focus: CBM in China

The booming Chinese economy is now old news-so much so that recent word that the Chinese economy expanded by 9.

power industry needs to look at long-term

You are architects of the future. You-the representatives of the transmission and distribution utilities, the vendors, service providers and others-are charting the course for the future in the actions you take every day.

business is personal

Every decade a Hollywood blockbuster perpetuates the myth, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.

a powerful partnership

As the debate continues over what the U.S. should do about the climate change issue...

benefit of counsel: new cap and trade programs target reductions in CO2, mercury, SO2, NOx

Recent developments in the regulation of air emissions from power generation facilities portend increased compliance costs coupled with market mechanisms designed to offset some of those costs.