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ELP Volume 83 Issue 6

support leaking away for yucca mountain

Right now, it’s just a big tunnel, a big hole, and I’ve seen tunnels before,” said a member of the Utah House of Representatives upon touring the Yucca Mountain project in October.

a laboratory of environmental innovation: states respond to Clean Air Interstate Rule

The Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) promises improvements to air quality and public health by requiring electric power generators to make further reductions in sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) within the eastern United States.

how to invest in demand response

In 2001, regulators and policymakers were aghast at the volatility of electric wholesale prices and insisted on insulating residential and small-business customers from what was perceived at the time as temporary insanity in the electric markets.

operating performance rankings showcase big plants running full time

Coal plants are running at full tilt in response to high natural gas prices, and nuclear plant capacity continues to improve.

Utility of the Year: MDU Resources Group, Inc., our choice for 2005 Utility of...

“Revenues grew by 16 percent in 2004, achieving record earnings..

marketing buzz: outsourcing the customer experience

At a “Voice of the Customer” conference I attended in September, the presentations ranged from market research, customer segmentation and brand strategy to improving call center performance.

Benefit of counsel: why can’t I just retire my plant?

Two fundamental attributes of competitive markets are, first, that capital is deployed to investments that earn the highest return; and, second, new, less costly and more efficient products should replace older, more costly and less efficient products, thereby lowering costs and improving service to consumers.

private equity and the repeal of PUHCA

The repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, effective Feb. 8, 2006, is likely to have a profound effect on investment in the electric utility sector.

solar power making news as distributed generation source

Renewable energy received a significant push in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 with $2.

exclusive C Three equity index: energy price concerns hit natural gas futures NYMEX Prices...

Availability concerns have driven natural gas futures prices to record levels. Companies with gas exposures have been hit.