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ELP Volume 84 Issue 1

decision making powered with real-time information

At what price should I purchase coal? From which source can I purchase enough natural gas for the next four months of load? With forecasts predicting a long, cold winter, what will the peak load be? Is it cheaper to purchase power on the local ISO exchange or to spin up a second generator?

power market experiments make global impact

Privatization of generation, retail price caps, a power exchange, locational pricing for congestion management, real-time markets for energy and ancillary services, the “works.

from Kansas to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a world of extremes. It’s cold, cold, cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

international energy markets: AES’ Paul Hanrahan on how his company finds opportunity overseas

If the news doesn’t include the word “worldwide” it won’t make headlines anymore, at least that’s how it seems.

outage management systems key to quick response

“Calamity is man’s true touchstone.

bridging the chasm between IT and business: the view from both sides

Businesses ask much of their IT departments. They need to support every division and function within the organization-from the deep internal back-end through the customer-facing service and support front-end-and increasingly, have to do it with fewer people, tighter budgets and shorter timeframes.

analysts’ roundtable: will U.S. utilities enter foreign markets?

Global energy markets offer tremendous opportunity. Is the timing right for U.

not exactly a piece of cake

There’s nothing like visiting a power plant, especially one as big and amazing as the Hoover Dam.

EL&P named official print publication for CIS Conference

Electric Light & Power, PennWell Corporation’s leading business publication for electric and gas utility executives, is now the official sponsoring print publication for CIS Conference.

competition & regulation, part III tensions evolve between regulation and competition

Editor’s note: The following is the final article in a three-part series that examined the restructuring of the electricity industry in the United States.