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ELP Volume 84 Issue 2

a snapshot of transmission investment

There are 150,000 miles of transmission lines in the United States...


Nancy Spring errs in suggesting that it would be “prudent” to terminate the planned repository for used nuclear fuel at Yucca Mountain, Nev.

the digital revolution, the smart grid and why the utility industry isn’t like your...

In Texas, everything’s big. The boots. The hats. The brag.

Expanding Excellence

Dear Conference Attendees, We have built our reputation on Expanding Excellence...

CIS Conference 30 promises the best opportunities for education and networking for pros in...

The Gaylord Texan Resort in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will play host to CIS Week from May 1-5, 2006.

utilities value customer service

There are three reasons I shop at a certain grocery store, and believe me, good customer service isn’t one of them.

utilities can turn adversaries into advocates on infrastructure projects

Finding solutions for utility infrastructure used to be about having the utility’s engineering and government affairs staffs determine what needed to be built, filing a permit request, and holding enough public meetings to satisfy minimum notice requirements.