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ELP Volume 84 Issue 4

emissions trading programs are evolving

Emissions reduction and trading programs in the United States have experienced significant growth and evolution in recent years.

efficient asset management depends on IT

Utility companies are facing a problem of epic proportions. Assets are aging, the workforce is getting older and legacy IT systems are becoming an impediment to efficiency improvements.

a more efficient supply chain in the Tennessee Valley

Ten years ago, the general manager of a fast-growing utility in Tennessee made a call to its power supplier, TVA.

is it, or isn’t it?

I once worked for a weekly newspaper in central New Mexico that served an expansive area of ranches and farms.

You think your job’s fun?Try providing power to Las Vegas, Nevada

A special interview with Walt Higgins, chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer, Sierra Pacific Resources


“Pearl Street Pilgrimage” [Commentary, May/June 2006 EL&P] was an interesting commentary.

industry and government partnering for cyber security

Cyber security is five to 10 years behind typical IT systems, although the gap is narrowing.

the insider threat: when trusted assets go bad

The potential for serious compromise of corporate security is higher than ever before because of increased application deployments and a more complex network infrastructure.

where coal’s been and where it’s likely to go

the Black & Veatch opinion: Movements of coal by rail are almost exclusively related to poser generation.

benefit of councilpsst-wanna build a power plant?

three fuels plus two business models equals one impasse