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ELP Volume 85 Issue 2

Customer Care: Analysts reflect on trends for 2007

Utility needs and supporting technologies are finally converging.


You don’t have to be a confirmed cynic to suspect that TXU’s new corporate steward-of-the-environment persona is not all about saving the Earth.

CIS Conference 31 Agenda

Workshops sorted by track

Smart Grid Vision Meets Distribution Utility Reality

The term “smart grid” is hyperbole that seems to imply a future when the grid runs itself absent human intervention.

Encouraging Higher Ethical Standards

Integrity cannot be legislated at any price.

New Nuclear Projects? The status of key financing incentives

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 contained three incentives that are poised to play key roles in financing new advanced nuclear power projects...

Qualifying Facilities in the Post-EPAct World

Challenges and Opportunities for QFs, Part II of III

Beware the Ides of March, Regulators unsheath their daggers

Despite more than 30 years of deregulation efforts, energy continues to be one of the most regulated industries in the country.

Arizona Sets Solar Course

"Roadmap" study sees great economic potential.

The Wave’s About to Crash: U.S. Climate Change Policies

Climate change regulation in the U.S., discusses in this country for more than two decades and now being set in California and the Northeast, is gaining acceptance...