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ELP Volume 85 Issue 4

Hydro-Québec’s CEO has Good Reason to Smile

An interview with Thierry Vandal, president and CEO of Hydro-Québec

Profile Light

As administrator or the Bonneville Power Administration, Steve Wright heads up the federal agency that provides close to half of the electricity used in the Northwest...

European Utilities Find Investment Opportunities in the U.S.

Perceptions of cost savings, economies of scale in generation and transmission, and opportunities to optimize executive compensation for the buyer are just some of the reasons that drive the desire to merge U.

Trash into Treasure

North Dakota is fueling the development of biomass

Branding: Three Things You May Be Doing That Don’t Work

You’re at a crossroads with your branding, marketing, advertising or other communications. To paraphrase department store icon and branding legend, John Wannamaker, you know half of your branding budget is being wasted, you just don’t know which half.

Qualifying Facilities in the Post-EPAct World

Challenges and Opportunities for QFs, Part IV

Improve Call Center Operations 5 ways

Is your call center a well-oiled machine? Or are there a few squeaky parts that need attention?

Prudence Revisited

Utilities can be prepared for complex rate cases

Exclusive C Three Equity Index

OUCH! Only 13 of the 102 companies in our equity indices saw positive movement during June.

CS Conference Reaches New Level of Excellence

The CS Conference has dropped the “I” from its name but instead of less information more will be provided...