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ELP Volume 86 Issue 1


With this issue, I’m very pleased to welcome a new member to our industry report family.

Dear Editor:

I am an employee at a nuclear power plant. One of my jobs involves reporting generation data to the NRC.

A Year of Uncertainty

Capital expenditures in the electric industry for 2007

Wind Power and Grid Reliability

Innovative solutions help wind farms meet grid interconnection standards.

Nuclear Revival, the Sequel

This time could be different, but don’t forget we’ve been here before.


KCP&L’s energy efficiency forum was a catalyst for community conversation.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Utility customers want to reduce their carbon footprints. Here’s how five utilities helped them.

Focus on the CFO

Years of experience are a plus in this capital intensive industry

Federal Loan Guarantees—Part One

Will they give the U.S. climate response a needed boost in 2008?

Exclusive C Three Equity Index: 2007 Ends on High Note

The less regulated, the better