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ELP Volume 86 Issue 2


It's tough to describe the smart grid in words. It's made up of lots of components, and many of them are quite technical.

C02: Climate Change Legislation

Federal climate change legislation is inevitable — that’s the consensus on U.S. global warming polkicy.

Climate Change Initiatives and The Bottom Line

What SEC reports reveal about the impact of legislation on power producers

Thermal Energy Storage

Shifting the air conditioning load can reduce peak power demand.

Energy Efficiency: The Challenge of Making it Work

Making it work is one of the industry's toughest challenges.

Risk Management the Smart Way

Use automation to manage regulatory and financial risk.

The LNG Business in the U.S.: Importers can set the stage for long-term success.

The worldwide demand for liquid natural gas has been increasing steadily due to economic growth ...

CS Week Up to the Challenge

CS Week is raising the bar in meter-to-cash educational offerings. Holding the bar steady only works when dancing the Limbo.

Seven criteria of the strategic business leader in energy

Is your company ready to move beyond the strategy of merely farming for organic growth? If so, you may be ready to build a hunting strategy ...

Exclusive C Three Equity Index: 2007 Gains Gone

February's losses pile on top of January's