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ELP Volume 86 Issue 4


"You can get your electricity for free." That's what yard signs in Texas advertised when the state first deregulated.

International Investment Flows into Surging U.S. Renewable Energy Market

The U.S. renewable energy market is large—and growing—and many international investors are starting to view it as the next hot global opportunity...

Coal Gasification, a Promising Technology

Support for IGCC is resolving permitting challenges and enhancing performance.

Utility Executive Course Provides Training for Industry Leaders

The utility industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Faced with new technologies, aging facilities, baby-boomer retirements, environmental pressures ...

Paved With Good Intentions

As California develops rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it must be careful not to regulate landfill-gas power facilities out of existence.

Renewables News Briefs

GE Energy has increased its equity share in PrimeStar Solar Inc., an emerging solar thin-film technology and manufacturing company.

Fuel Cell Microgrids in the Real World

A new approach to power generation is on the horizon. Research, development and demonstration (RD&D) efforts are facilitating the deployment of microgrids...

Past Due

A poor economy means unpaid utility bills, but there are strategies to improve collections.

Business Acumen— Not just for executives anymore

Recently, there's been a trend in the workplace toward managerial accountability with regard to corporate goals.

Loosening the Reins—FERC takes new steps to encourage investment in the electric utility sector

In the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Congress sought to more sharply define the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's jurisdiction over certain entities.